SGA - bigbang2, SGA - bigbang

oops, I'm doing it again?

So, I've signed up for the atlantisbigbang challenge, due 1st August this year.

At this point, I have a fairly vague idea of what I'm writing: a story that mad_maudlin suggested which is basically a Pegasus expedition comes to a post-apocalyptic Goa'uld-controlled Earth.

Right now, it's looking very much like it's going to be an SGA/SG1 crossover - so far Teal'c, Jack, and Cassie have made an appearance from SG1, and I think Jacob and Sam are trying to strong-arm their way into the plot as Tok'ra.

SGA characters are Teyla, Ronon, and John so far, with Dave Sheppard making a cameo, and possibly Kanaan as a minor character. I'm tossing up whether I'm going to include Rodney, Elizabeth, Carson, Keller, or Woolsey - just to pick from the main cast. A whole bunch of Pegasus cultures are not only making an appearance but running segments of the show.

My big issue right now is how the story ends. I have a vague notion of what happens but no idea of what they have to do to get there...

Inspiration for your perspiration ...

Just dropping in to cheer everyone on!! Write! Write!!

I found this sample chapter that I found helpful in that it made me feel better about the process of writing. I didn't buy it and am not advocating anyone else do so - I only read the sample part and found it interesting if anyone wants to check it out. Just thought I'd share.

back to writing ... got in 2000 words yesterday! yay me! today's goal - 3000 .... yeah, that's probably over optimistic, but we need goals, right?
SGA - bigbang2, SGA - bigbang

last days!

All right, it's getting down to the wire. I'm only 10K off my mark, but I'm a lot more than that from the finish. I have this feeling that I'm only halfway - which gives me 12 days to write around 30,000 words.

It's gonna be tight. As in, really really tight. Lots of Write or Die, lots of stress, probably sore hands from typing too much.

Anyone else struggling? Or in the home stretch?
SGA - bigbang2, SGA - bigbang

planning out my Atlantis Big Bang

We haven't exactly been using this comm, have we?

Okay, I'm going to be using it quite a bit in the coming weeks - three weeks to go, and 25K.

Pros: I've got the plot sorted out.

At least 12 POV changes, a lot of action and drama and sex, and heaven knows how many scenes. I think it's got enough twists and turns to keep the readership interested. I'm pretty sure that they won't see the ending coming. So I'm kinda happy with that. Now, just to finish.

Cons: Actually writing this story in three weeks.

It's going to be a big challenge, I think.
SG - JT3

giving up on this story

Okay, I'm not going to get The Astonishing Persistence Of Memory done. The plot isn't fully nutted out and I don't have all the pieces in place.

However, I am considering writing Widow's Pique instead - the Black Jewels SGA AU that I started several years ago and still haven't completed. I don't know if it'll hit 40,000 words in time, although it might. It's presently at 8,000 words - including what I've already posted - and the full story really would get past 40K, but I think I could get the first half of the story to 40K.

It's not what I wanted to do, but it's all I've got left.

I have a long weekend this weekend, starting tomorrow night (when I go to house-sit the parentals' cats), so...opportunity to get things in motion.

SGA - bigbang2, SGA - bigbang

55 days to go!

How are doing on the writing front?

I've started the opening scene, but otherwise...nothing! Actually, I did several rewrites before I realised that I wanted to mirror the tack I took with the previous two stories, starting it with much the same scene: John waking up.

I've kind of got my plot worked out, but the actual writing of it is always a tricky thing. More to follow under lock.
SGA - bigbang2, SGA - bigbang

Big Bang 2010

So, it's another year of Big Bang for Stargate Atlantis!

This year, it's the atlantisbigbang, not the sgabigbang, and I'm going in for Part III of The Astonishing Persistence Of Memory - Future Indefinite. I've got the plot...I just don't know how to start the story!

I'm hoping there are other people who'll be writing John/Teyla and Teyla-centric stories (at the least, pro-Teyla stories) this year - if you know of them, let me know and I'll invite them.

I can't remember how I set the comm up. I think that you can become a member, but only the people writing for the Big Bang have posting access. Everyone else can see locked entries or make comments without having to have posting access. I'll sort it out tomorrow night, it's heading for 11pm here and I needs my sleeps, preciouses!

Anyway, hope to hear from you guys soon!